Whitewater Banner

History of the Banner

Started in 2006, the Whitewater Banner ("the Banner") was created by community leader Jim Stewart to give the community of Whitewater a local, objective source for news and events.  Without a daily local news source, Mr. Stewart recognized the community need to be informed of current news, exciting accomplishments, and local events.  Quickly, the Banner became a trusted online source for anything Whitewater.

In 2018, Mr. Stewart stepped down as owner and editor of the Banner and gifted the Banner to the Whitewater Community Foundation (WCF) to ensure that the Banner would remain a part of the Whitewater community forever.  The WCF serves as steward of the Banner and appoints an editor-in-chief and editorial committee to oversee operations of the Banner.  Any revenues generated by the Banner sponsors and advertisers support The Jim Stewart Memorial Scholarship created to honor Jim Stewart and his lifelong commitment to community service.

What is the Whitewater Banner?

The Whitewater Banner ("the Banner") is Whitewater's local community supported source for objective news, events, and photos.  The Banner is staffed by volunteers and is updated as often as possible, often daily. With over 1200 visitors a day, the Banner acknowledges and respects its responsibility to the community of Whitewater as a primary source of objective news.

Who contributes the stories to the Banner?

In short, the community.  Anyone can submit a story, event, or photos to be posted on the Banner.  The editor will make a decision as to whether the content fits with the editorial guidelines set forth for the Banner.

When submitting a story, event, or photos, be sure to include as much detail as possible.  If possible, please write a paragraph or two to be posted on the Banner.  All content will be reviewed and edited according to our editorial policy.  At the Banner, they try to give credit to the authors who write the stories.  Please let them know if you would like to remain anonymous.

Lastly, they do receive many submissions per day.  Often, they are not able to post all of the submissions they receive on any given day.  The editor must make tough decisions about when to post a story, or sometimes, whether to post the story at all.  They do their best to communicate with the author, but they do ask for patience.  Often, a story will be run days, weeks, or, occasionally, months after it is submitted.

To submit a story, event, or photos, head over to the Banner's How to Submit page.