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If you have a particular charitable passion area (arts, education, recreation, etc.) but do not want to be involved in the details of grant making, donating to a field of interest fund is perfect for you! Listed below are areas the Whitewater Community Foundation addresses.

If you are  looking to donate to a specific conduit/fiscal sponsorship account, please scroll down to the accounts below headlined in green.


Supports education programs for post-secondary education, entrepreneurial efforts, and nontraditional post-secondary education opportunities.

Arts, Beautification, + Culture

Provides support to performing and visual arts projects and, historical preservation, beautification, and organizations, and cultural institutions.

Quality of Life + Recreation

Improves the quality of life and self-sufficiency in the community.


Supports programs and initiatives in the early childhood, and K-12 efforts in the Whitewater Unified School District.

Human Services

Supports agencies and projects that respond to housing, food, clothing, and healthcare needs of disadvantaged residents.

Undesignated Fund

This fund supports the overall operations of the foundation and acts as unrestricted funds for grant requests that may not fit into the field of interest categories.

Whitewater Banner

This fund supports The Whitewater Banner, which is the hub of communication in Whitewater that is stewarded by the Community Foundation.

To give to a specific conduit, please click on the link below to take you to their donation page:

For these accounts the Whitewater Community Foundation provides the fiscal management of the funds to accept donations so that groups and organizations can address the specific needs or interests within the community.

Irvin L. Young Memorial Library Expansion and Renovation

The Irvin L. Young Memorial Library is embarking on a Capital Campaign to raise $2,500,000 which, with $3,000,000 from the City of Whitewater, will fund an expansion adding 4,400 additional square feet, and a renovation of the existing space.

The Community Space Fund

The Community Space provides food, clothing, furniture and more to people in a dignified, respectful and even joyful manner.

Cravath Lakefront Amphitheater

The City of Whitewater has committed funds to purchase a band shelter for Cravath Lakefront Park. Funds are still needed for concrete, lighting, landscaping, and possibly a screen for movie nights in the park. Help us raise $50,000 for a resource that will provide 20 years of memories in our small town.

Treyton's Field of Dreams

Treyton Kilar was tragically taken on September 2, 2010 and since then his family, friends, community members and strangers from all over the country have helped to provide support to make this field become a reality. Our mission is not only to remember a boy whose life was taken far too soon, but also to use his memory to benefit both Walworth and Jefferson County communities as a whole. The original goal to build a youth size major league baseball field has become a reality. Trey’s field provides a wonderful place for the youth of the area to come and enjoy baseball, just as Trey did. We have now built a top-notch concession stand and continue to seek donations for maintenance of the field.

Ferradermis First Robotics Team #6574

Ferradermis, FIRST Robotics Competition Team #6574, is based out of Whitewater High School in Whitewater, WI. The mission of Ferradermis is to create a sustainable extracurricular environment and provide mentorship for high school students to participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). Ferradermis aims to prepare members for STEM and business careers, while challenging, empowering, and inspiring students. The team also strives to build leadership skills, self belief, and gracious professionalism. To find out more about the team, visit

Starin Park All-Inclusive Playground Equipment (Picture in Gallery)

The addition of all-inclusive playground equipment at Starin Park has been in the planning stages for nearly 3 years.  This project is a joint venture between The Kiwanis Breakfast Club of Whitewater and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Lorrie Koppein, President of the Whitewater Kiwanis Breakfast Club, with assistance from the recently retired Irene Potocki are chairing this effort.


To give all community members and students of Whitewater and the surrounding communities the opportunity to have access to recreational playground equipment, especially for those who may be physically challenged.  It is known statistically that Whitewater Unified School District has many students and staff who are wheelchair bound as does UWW, which specializes in education and facilities for the disabled.

City of Whitewater Bark Park

This fund supports fundraising efforts to improve the Bark Park. Funds will be used for additional trees, a human and dog water fountain, and more. Please help us raise funds for the furry friends in town.