The Whitewater Community Foundation is proud to work with various community members and groups to provide scholarships for students who attend Whitewater High School and would like to further their educations. Please contact us by phone or through our contact page if you would like to discuss setting up a scholarship fund for your community.

Whitewater Community Foundation Founders’ Scholarship

The Whitewater Community Foundation is proud to offer a $2,000 scholarship in honor of its founding members. Russell Devitt, John Newhouse, Charles Scharine, Betty Frawley, Don Hale, Randy Cruse, Robert Kelchner and Dr. Lee Allenstein were instrumental in forming the Foundation.

The Founders’ Scholarship will be awarded to a student who has shown a passion for learning and shows academic promise. The candidate will have exhibited a strong sense of community involvement and service. Outside work experience and volunteerism will be given consideration. Enrollment will be at any Wisconsin 2- or 4-year school.

Three letters of recommendation from non-school district staff are required, as well as a short handwritten essay that supports strong character, work ethic and volunteerism.

Financial need is an important factor in determining the candidate.

The WHS Common Application form must be used. The WHS Scholarship Committee will select the top 5 applicants and submit them to the Whitewater Community Foundation Scholarship Committee for final selection.

Payment will be made upon certification of registration for second semester in the same school.

The Raymond O. Storck Family Scholarship

The Raymond 0. Storck Family Scholarship Fund, a permanent fund with the Whitewater Community Foundation, will award one or more scholarships each year to students who have a financial need and are attending a technical school or a college or university. This year one scholarship will be awarded.   

If the student attends a technical school the award will be $1,325 per year for two years. If the student attends a college or university the award will be $675 per year for four years. The WHS Common Application shall be used, but the applicant will add a brief summary of their financial need. Three finalists will be selected by the Whitewater High School Scholarship Committee. Their names and applications will be submitted to the Whitewater Community Foundation Board, which will select the scholarship recipient.

Whitewater Community Foundation

This $3,000 scholarship is for a student who will attend any college, university or trade school. In addition to class rank, students will be evaluated on participation in activities and volunteerism, both at school and in the community. Students will use the WHS Common Application and must include two letters of recommendation - one from a faculty member and one from someone in the community. The High School Faculty Committee will select 3 finalists whose names and applications will be submitted to the Whitewater Community Foundation board, which will select the scholarship recipient. Payments of $1,500 per semester will be made upon verification of full-time enrollment for each semester. To receive the second payment, the student must continue at the same school for the entire year.

Jim Crummey Memorial Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship is made possible by the family, former players and friends of Coach Jim Crummey. Jim was head football coach at Whitewater High School for 29 years , from 1943-1973, He established a winning tradition at WHS with a career record of 183 wins, 62 losses, 9 ties, and 11 conference championships. Jim was a master coach, a mentor, an exemplar, abut most of all, a true friend to his students and players.

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage and reward excellence. The award will go to a capable and deserving senior student athlete who did the most with the least, worked hard to improve skills and was always a team player.

Selection will be made by the Whitewater High School coaching staff. Payment will be made upon proof of full-time enrollment for the fall semester. Should the recipient not enroll for the fall semester, the committee may select an alternate to receive the award.

Any alteration in the award specifications shall be approved by a member of the Crummey family, a representative of the coaching department, and a representative of the Whitewater Community Foundation.

Rosemary Goeglein Scholarship

This $1,500 scholarship is given to a senior pursuing higher education in the field of history or other social sciences. The WHS Common Application is used. Selection is made by the Faculty Scholarship Committee. Payment will be made during first semester.

Burton H. Heldt Memorial Scholarship

Dorothy Heldt was a second and fourth grade teacher in the WUSD from 1947 to 1975. Upon her death, she bequeathed $290,000 in memory of her brother, Burton H. Heldt to be used for scholarships for graduating WHS seniors. Each year, a portion of the interest will be used to fund five $625 scholarships. The WHS Common Application will be used and selection of the recipients will be made by the WHS Faculty Scholarship Committee.

Veronica Hookstead-West Memorial Scholarship

A graduate of Whitewater High School in 1987, Veronica studied in London for two semesters as a part of the study abroad program at UW-Whitewater and received her BA in Political Science and Criminology from UW-Whitewater in 1991. She completed a University of Cambridge course in Teaching English as a Second Language in London in 1992 and received her MA in Linguistics from St, Mary’s University College in Twickenham, London in 1996.

Veronica was an average student and athlete with above average passion and commitment to be the best she could be in everything she did. This unrelenting determination led her to become a respected and admired teacher in South Korea, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, an accomplished athlete finishing the Iron Man in Lake Placid, New York in July 2000. Veronica’s work ethic, her tenacious and indomitable spirit, and the way she embraced opportunities and accepted challenges were an inspiration to everyone who knew her.

This scholarship will go to a candidate seeking post-secondary education at an accredited college, university or technical college and who possesses qualities similar to Veronica. Programs of one (1) year of less will receive an award of $3,000 upon verification of program completion or 2nd semester enrollment. Programs of greater length will receive $1,500 upon verification of full-time enrollment in the 2nd semesters of year one (1) and two (2).

The WHS Common Application will be used. The high school Faculty Scholarship Committee will select the recipients.

Treyton Kilar Memorial Scholarship

Treyton Kilar was a 6-year-old boy who loved baseball. More importantly, he loved playing the game with his team. He was kind, trustworthy, hard-working, and dedicated to making himself and those around him better ball players. Two $500 scholarships have been established in his name to honor one male and one female in the Whitewater High School Baseball and Softball programs. Students displaying the characteristics of hard work, dedication, trustworthiness, and leadership both on and off the field, along with strong academic effort within the classroom throughout their high school careers will be considered for this scholarship. Selection will be made by the Kilar family and the WHS Common Application will be used.

Anne & Lane Kuske Drama Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a senior with a GPA of at least 2.5 who is planning to pursue a major or minor in the area of dramatic arts (e.g. performance, stagecraft, theatre management, technical theatre) at an accredited school. The recipient must have been an enthusiastic participant in the school’s drama program during his/her tenure at WHS. Using the WHS Common Application, the WHS Faculty Scholarship Committee – after consulting with the Kuskes and the current WHS drama director(s) – will make the selection. Payment will be made upon proof of second semester enrollment.

Randy Lyon Memorial Scholarship

The family of Randy Lyon funded this $500 scholarship for a senior male or female track athlete who plans to pursue a post-secondary education. Randy was a member of the Whitewater high School class of 1976. He ran on the Whippet varsity track team, taking 1st place in the mile relay team at state, earning 2nd place in the long jump at state and winning four gold medals at the conference track meet.

The student must be a varsity track member. The student must have been enrolled in Whitewater High School for a period of not less than four semesters prior to graduation and have a cumulative GPA of not less than 2.5. The candidate must demonstrate good sportsmanship, a strong work ethic and a positive team attitude, celebrating in the team’s success even more than his/her own.

The athletic director, head boy/girl track coach will determine which applicant is more deserving of the scholarship award. While performance is an important part of athletics, it is not the primary focus of this award. More importance is the athlete’s personal characteristics.

In addition to recognition at the WHS annual Scholarship Night, the award recipient will also be announced and recognized at the annual Randy Lyon Memorial Track meet held each spring. Students will use the WHS Common Application. Payments will be made upon proof of successful completion (2.0 GPA) of fall semester and full-time enrollment for the spring semester. If the scholarship is not claimed during the academic year, the recipient will forfeit the award.

F.L. Moksnes Memorial Scholarship

Les Moksnes, the son of Norwegian immigrants, was born and raised in Whitewater. After graduating with a business degree from Northwestern University, he returned to Whitewater and eventually founded Moksnes Manufacturing Company, Inc. The company, later renamed AccuRate, Inc., fabricated and sold metal objects such as rakes birdhouses, collators, and dry-chemical feeders. AccuRate became a successful international company and was sold to Schenck in the mid-1990s.

In addition to providing skilled, high-paying employment, Les was a quiet leader in the community. He served on the Whitewater Common Council for almost 20 years, including two terms as its president. Along with Jack Frawley, he was a founding member of the Whitewater Rotary Club and was an avid supporter of the UW-Whitewater Affairs Council. It is this spirit of organization building and civic duty that the F.L. Moksnes Memorial Scholarship commemorates.

This is a $1,000 scholarship available to any senior enrolled at an accredited 2-year or 4-year school, college, or university. Preference will be given to a student who meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • S/he is enrolled at a technical college with the intent of pursuing a mechanical field, engineering, or computer-based technology
  • S/he is the first generation child of immigrant parents
  • S/he has studied more than one foreign language

In addition to the above, and as a tie-breaker, civic involvement and interest will be considered. The WHS Common Application will be used for this scholarship, and the selection will be made by the family.

Jean Broman Olson Art Scholarship

A scholarship established in memory of Mrs. Jean Olson to be awarded to a student who will be seeking a career in Art. The student must be registered in the School of Art in the college of the arts.

The amount shall be paid over a 4-year term to the recipient. In the event that the recipient does not continue to pursue a degree in a college or university in Art, then the scholarship will terminate at the commencement of and academic school term in which the recipient in not pursuing a degree as stated above. Students will be expected to participate in an interview and display a variety of their art projects. The recipient of the award shall be determined by Mr. Karl Olson. The amount of the scholarship will be $1,600 given over a 4-year period. The WHS Common Application will be used.

Elizabeth A. Parenteau Spirit of Service Award

This scholarship has been established in memory of Elizabeth A. Parenteau for the purpose of rewarding volunteerism and public service beyond academic program requirements and/or school sponsored activities. The recipient of this $1000 award will be a graduating senior who is academically responsible, aware of the needs of others, and someone who has made a conscientious effort to improve the world around them. Examples of service projects may include, but are not restricted to involvement with Habitat for Humanity, the Food Pantry, the Clothes Closet, community ESL programs, reading enhancement programs, church sponsored work mission weekends/trips, etc. Family obligations do not fall into this category. The recipient must attend a four-year accredited college or university and have a GPA of at least 2.5. The WHS Common Application will be used.

Anthony J. Weiler Memorial Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student who wishes to develop his or her career by attending a technical of vocational school.

Mr. Weiler was the founder of Weiler and Company, Inc., a local manufacturer of heavy-duty food processing equipment that is sold throughout the world. He received the majority of his education from technical schools, and was well known for his exceptional mechanical aptitude. Mr. Weiler believed that technical schools provide excellent opportunities for students directing their careers in a specific field.

The WHS Common Application will be used and selection will be made by the Weiler family in conjunction with the Faculty Scholarship Committee. With candidates of equal ranking, preference may be given to a student who is related to an employee of Weiler and Company, Inc., or who has the greatest need. The award money will be payable from the Whitewater Community Foundation to the student and the chosen school as co-payees upon receipt of certification of successful completion of first semester.

Donald Hale Home Lumber Memorial Scholarship

There is a growing need in the trades to replace competent carpenters from the Baby Boomer generation who will now be needed to build homes. This need is significant. There are not enough quality builders to offset the demand for housing which has been increasing exponentially. Many of the best carpenters are reaching retirement age with no plan for succession. There is also a need for well-minded contractor sales people in the lumber industry capable of serving the needs of those same builders. For either of these careers, blueprint reading and material take-off are important and with the right attitude salary expectations can be significant rating above six figures incomes. In honor of Donald W. Hale, Founder of Home Lumber Company, who was always reaching out to the community, and assisting people in the building trades, Home Lumber promotes the Building Material Industry by granting this $1,000 Donald Hale Memorial Scholarship to a senior who chooses to further his/her career in either of these fields. Selection of the award will be based upon high school record, community involvement, character and financial need. The recipient of this scholarship must attain a minimum grade point average of 2. 75 on a 4 point scale after their first post high school semester and show proof of registration for their second semester on this two year technical journey. Selection will be made by Geoff Hale and the WHS Common Application will be used.