WCF Supports Music at the Whitewater City Market

Another Community Action Grant on the books!

Board members of the Whitewater Community Foundation visit the new Whitewater City Market every Tuesday, but yesterday was a special occasion. President Kevin Brunner and Vice President David Yochum met with board members Kristine Zaballos and Lisa Smith from Downtown Whitewater to present them with a check that helps pay musicians for the entertainment provided in the courtyard of the market from 3:30-7:30.

Downtown Whitewater finds local and area musicians, some from as far as Chicago and Fond du Lac, to share their love of music. Musicians range from minstrels, cover bands, crooners, and singer song writers to international artists who sing in three or four languages. In Downtown Whitewater’s grant proposal, they stated that they were not just trying to create a fun farmer’s market that supported local farmers and artisans, they were trying to create a community space where everyone could stop in and people watch, participate in children’s activities, play checkers, have some dinner and a beer.

The Foundation agrees that supporting the arts – such as music – brings joy and creates community and wanted to help this fledgling project achieve its goals. Already, we have seen farmers enjoy a beer and sing with musicians. We have seen school children dance, and smiling patrons sit under the colorful umbrellas while having conversations with newly discovered neighbors.

Congratulations, Downtown Whitewater. We are so proud to be a part of this event!

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